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While the public sector has extended unprecedented relief to the American economy, there is plenty of room for the private sector to meet the needs of low-income, part-time workers through technology. The number of people working part-time will increase substantially throughout the pandemic induced recession. How can the private sector respond to assist these workers and the businesses that hire them?

In the 2008 Great Recession, not only did the number of people working part-time increase, but it took a decade for those numbers to return to pre-recession levels. As you can see near the end of this graph, the number of part-time workers has already skyrocketed in March.

SweetGig’s mission is to make it easier for part-time workers and the employers that hire this workforce to connect. Working with businesses and workers, we’ve found that commute time and availability are major friction points between the two groups. To alleviate this pain point, SweetGig asks businesses to post the available shift they’re hiring for. By including the shift on the job opening, workers...